The Beauty Words Quality Charter

YOU expect us to be not only your supplier, but also a partner in your success.
WE are committed to doing our best, providing you with the highest level of client satisfaction possible – because in addition to our passion for words, languages and beauty, your satisfaction has been the beating heart of the success of Beauty Words since 1992. No advertising, just word-of-mouth, and our reputation that continues to grow year after year.


not only in line with the ethical code of our profession, but well beyond:

RELIABILITY: Our focus is on your requirements. The Beauty Words agency is completely committed to respecting the agreed prices and deadlines whilst always guaranteeing quality. If there really doesn’t seem to be enough time to ensure the work and service provided are of the highest quality, we will discuss with you the possibility of making minor adjustments to your schedule. Generally speaking, the Beauty Words team strives to deliver in advance because we know that you have a busy schedule and that any time gained is more often than not of great help to you. In any event, we adapt to your constraints and requirements, and you can trust us.

QUALITY: You can, indeed, count on our in-house team combined with our external pool to provide work and services that are resolutely of outstanding quality. Supervised by the sales and operational manager, our multilingual project managers are all qualified translators who also have a keen sense for client relations. In addition to our French- and English-language copywriters and journalists, our pool of freelancers includes translators, proofreaders, interpreters, transcriptionists and layout designers in every language. It goes without saying that they all work exclusively into their native language – or dominant language if they are bi- or multilingual. Each and every one of them has been rigorously selected for their areas of expertise, experience, attention to detail and ability to work to deadlines – we have known many of them for more than 10 years, some for even more than 20 years. We work in close collaboration with you and our pool, ensuring adherence to the specific terminology, characteristics and culture of your company and markets. Although CAT tools can be useful for clearly defining the volumes and therefore the costs, as well as creating specific and confidential glossaries, we remain true to our founding philosophy of “customization” and proscribe the use of automatic translation tools other than as a terminology aid on very specific projects. In addition, our project preparation methods, our policy of supporting our pool, which we fine-tune to suit each project, and our rigorous and systematic quality control processes, which include following up on your reception of our services and ensuring our clients’ satisfaction, are additional guarantees that the service Beauty Words provides will live up to your expectations. Besides, if you do need to report a significant problem – which is unlikely, but errare humanum est, we will make the desired modifications at no extra cost – if they are correct and justified and are not author’s modifications.

RESPONSIVENESS: All requests receive an acknowledgement of receipt within half an hour. Our process and our methodology allow us to quickly and thoroughly analyze your project, which may be complex – especially if it involves the management of feedback from your subsidiaries, sophisticated layouts followed by DTP, etc. So if, when we receive your request, we see that there are already existing texts, we will not hesitate to ask for the latest validated versions so our quote is as accurate and the lead times are as short as possible. After studying the particularities and conditions of your project, a free quote with a confirmation of the deadline will be quickly sent to you. Upon receipt of your agreement and any reference documents you deem useful, we will launch the project. In addition, we have generally already alerted the person or people we would like to help us with your project to ensure their availability and, therefore, their responsiveness. This is one way in which we are proactive.

CREATIVITY: Because your project is unique – and treated as no less by us – it always helps to work with creative people. Our in-house team, as well as most of our external pool, are cultured people who love beautiful things, beautiful language and the right words, yet they are also gifted with creativity – and not just within the world of words. You can rely on our professional and individual talents to successfully complete your project.

CONFIDENTIALITY: All our collaborators sign a confidentiality agreement and Beauty Words is committed to respecting the confidential character of every single one of your projects. This is in line with the ethical code of our profession, but it is always worth reiterating that we are committed to strictly respecting the confidentiality of any transmitted documents. Besides, your documents will not be used for commercial purposes in any way – they are your exclusive property – and if our quote is not accepted, your documents will be permanently deleted, if you so desire. If you feel it is necessary, do not hesitate to have us sign an ad hoc confidentiality agreement. It goes without saying that it is also our duty to not solicit your clients! Again, this is in line with our code of ethics – professional as well as personal.

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