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You have a concept to develop, ideas and knowledge to share, a message to transmit, a market to reach, a target to achieve, but you need a real wordsmith to write them.

You need assistance with either copywriting or rewriting – depending on how advanced your project is.


Copywriting is the process of writing the words that promote a person, business, opinion, or idea. A copywriter* is a person who writes the text of advertisements or publicity material. Specifically, an advertising copywriter is a professional capable of highlighting the qualities of a product intended for sale in advertising text. This work is created from information provided by the client; the copywriter must select, organize and develop the ideas in order to write an inspired text that corresponds to your style and your DNA.

Rewriting* is the act of writing something again so as to alter or improve it. A rewriter* is a person who revises or rewrites something. This entails reworking texts you already have, but that need to be improved so the editorial effect corresponds to your style and your DNA.

BEAUTY WORDS, founded in 1992 by a former copywriter for a major French luxury brand, has consistently supported its clients with their copywriting and rewriting work.

Our agency has always had a pool of native French- and English-speaking copywriters with experience in this sector. Most specialize in luxury and beauty, but we have wordsmiths with a variety of talents and areas of expertise. We can therefore help you by appointing one of our partners to write your texts. In addition, our agency has a long history of working with translators specializing in transcreation in all of the world's languages, allowing us to meet your rewriting needs no matter what the language.

This service is especially aimed at media, publishing and advertising companies, as well as communication, press, marketing and research departments, but also any department that needs editorial texts but doesn't have the internal resources to write or perfect them.

* Definition from the Oxford Dictionary

You need a wordsmith capable of finding the right words to write or rewrite your texts.

We have French-English copywriters and transcreators in every language capable of understanding you so you obtain the final copy you want.

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