Proofreading / Revision

Your texts exist, but you have neither the time nor the resources to proofread and finalize them.

Your text is already written in the language you need and you still need to have it proofread before it is published or put to any other use, but cannot do that in-house.

Or maybe your text has been translated, internally or externally, but you want to have it proofread again to verify its quality and consistency and make any necessary revisions. Once again, you lack the time or linguistic resources to do it yourself.

BEAUTY WORDS offers you its proofreading and revision services to precisely and professionally improve your texts, no matter what their substance, form and language.*

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Proofreading consists of correcting spelling, grammatical, syntactic and typographical errors in an existing text – in French, English, or any other language – so the text flows and has no errors, ready for your next step (e.g.: distribution and / or translation).

Revision is more in-depth; its aim is to improve the consistency and coherence of the existing translation (done either internally or externally) by comparing it to your original source document, correcting, as necessary, the phraseology and terminology, mistranslations and misinterpretations, unfortunate additions and omissions, in addition to mistakes and typos.

Supervised by our project managers, these services are provided in their native language by our translators and proofreaders, or even our copywriters – all professional linguists with experience in the relative field. Because the quality of our work must help you – effectively.

This service is aimed at all professionals in any department, regardless of the sector.
This service does not include any unstructured text or translation generated by automatic translation software. We have an alternative solution for you: our adaptation, translation or rewriting services, depending on the editorial level you desire.

*Definitions governed by the European standard EN 15038 and, since 2015, the international standard ISO 17100

You’ve got it, the text you need is written or you have just received your translation.

Now you need to proofread this text so you can use it, but you lack the time and nobody in-house can do it.

We have the resources to help you regardless of the language and we dedicate our time to you. Take advantage of our proofreading and revision services and we will send you a proofread and corrected version according to your needs and within your time frame.

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