Everyone on the BEAUTY WORDS team would like to wish you Happy Holidays!

To bring 2016 to a beautiful end and start 2017 on a high note

BEAUTY WORDS, a multilingual copywriting and translation agency specializing in Luxury and Beauty and its parent company TRADUTEC, the leading translation group in France, would like to extend a warm welcome to COUMARINE Traduire La Beauté!

This networking of our two agencies’ competencies in the international language of beauty will allow us to extend our expertise to new horizons, with increasingly diversified targets and always the same reactivity, availability, know-how and demand for quality that have earned your confidence since 1992, the year COUMARINE and BEAUTY WORDS were born.


TRADUTEC, founded in 1962 and managed by Éric Bonnefous, is the leading translation company in France with a turnover of more than 10 million euros, 48 full-time employees, and a network of more than 700 translators worldwide. Thanks to its fifteen translation companies in France, Luxembourg and Belgium, the group covers every sector: technical, legal, finance, medical, cosmetics, sports, web, marketing, etc.

BEAUTY WORDS is a consulting agency in multilingual communication founded in 1992 for the words of beauty as much as the beauty of words. Today, under the leadership of its manager, Sandrine Petit, it is one of the leading French companies to meet your translation and service needs in every language for every aspect of the luxury and beauty industry – fragrance, skincare & makeup, fashion & leather goods, art & culture, culinary arts & hotels, etc. Brands and companies famous throughout the world, as well as renowned communication agencies, continue to place their trust in it.

COUMARINE, created by Anne Masson in 1992 to translate beauty, is exclusively dedicated to translating and adapting Fragrance/Beauty texts, working closely with partners specialized in the field. At the end of 2016, its founder will devote herself to training and coaching managers, passing the baton to Beauty Words so the adventure can continue!


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Everyone on the BEAUTY WORDS team would like to wish you Happy Holidays!

To bring 2016 to a beautiful end and start 2017 on a high note…

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