Audio/video transcription

Whether for subtitling purposes or to have the written text of a recording, take advantage of Beauty Words and its multilingual transcription service, which it has been providing since 2005.

Do you have an interview that needs to be transcribed or a film that needs subtitling? No matter what the source and target languages, call on professionals.

Indeed, transcribed text must be faithful to the original, especially if the intention is to adapt it for subtitles or translate it so a broader audience can understand it. Who hasn’t laughed out loud watching a movie that has been badly subtitled, either due to a poor adaptation, but sometimes originally caused by a poor transcription? Your advertising film shouldn’t be made fun of, and a celebrity’s interview shouldn’t be so poorly transcribed that it is incomprehensible or no longer faithful. What’s more, you might not always have the tools required to read an audio/video file with precise time coding.

No matter what the audio/video file format and no matter which languages, take advantage of our multilingual transcription service.

Beauty Words has the resources to subtitle or transcribe your audio and audio/video files with time codes, for your internal and external needs, regardless of the languages concerned.

We do not transcribe meetings where writing minutes is required. After all, we can’t all be good at everything, and that requires the skills of specialized agencies. If necessary, we can proofread the minutes such an agency has written for transcribed meetings.

Indeed, Beauty Words itself specializes in verbatim transcripts without onomatopoeias and with time codes to help you subtitle your advertising films, especially when the texts need to first be translated or adapted.

Verbatim transcriptions require a lot of time and a high degree of attention from the transcriptionist, as well as the proofreader during the quality control phase, which often requires jumping between two applications (sound file player and word processor), no matter what software and tools are used. In any event, a good transcription must be done intelligently, ensuring the high quality of the transcription, in substance and form.

We therefore choose each transcriptionist for their speed and attention to detail, but also – as always – depending on their area of expertise, because if someone who specializes in tourism transcribes an interview with a stylist or makeup artist, it is unlikely the transcription be accurate and complete. But Beauty Words always takes it to heart to deliver a job well done, down to the tiniest word.

This service is aimed at all professionals in any department, regardless of the sector, from the moment they do not need meeting minutes written, but a faithful transcription of an interview, a film, or any other audio/video file.

Do you have an audio/video file that you need transcribed,

an interview that was conducted in French, for instance, for which you want the written text, so you can then either write an article or have it translated?

Beauty Words will take care of this work for you, which can be meticulous and often time-consuming – especially if the soundtrack is of poor quality or the speaker is very prolific and speaks quickly... We will then send you the faithful transcription of the audio/video file you sent us in the strictest confidence, along with its adaptation in the languages of your choosing, as necessary, complete with time codes so your departments can then insert the subtitles, or simply as markers.

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When you request your quote, send us the audio/video file – via a web server or your own, as this type of file is often too large to send via e-mail. Or, if it is on a disk, flash drive, or even your recording device, use a courier service to send it to us.
Please make sure you also give us the names of the speakers if it is an interview so we can better separate the voices and correctly transcribe their names.
Often, your need is relatively urgent – especially during Fashion Week season. We would therefore be grateful if you could specify the mandatory date of return so we can verify the availability of the transcriptionist we would like to use for your work.

WE will reply within half an hour!


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