Interpreters are there to orally translate exactly what you mean and what your conversation partners say to you in return, because (very) few people speak every language. Interpreting is a profession, and our pool of professionals is at your service.

As stated by Willy Brandt, the famous German Federal Chancellor, who was also a naturalized Norwegian for a time before having his German nationality reinstated at the end of 1947 and was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1971, “If I’m selling to you, I speak your language. But if I’m buying, dann müssen Sie Deutsch sprechen.”* – then you must speak German.

This is even more true today; with the globalization of all kinds of exchanges, communication is carried out in many different languages throughout the world, not only in “international” English. No matter what your field of activity, it is not uncommon to have to meet foreign partners or collaborators with whom you do not have a language in common. But in every encounter, it is important that each party understands the information that is shared and every part of the discussion. It is also always nice when the host makes the effort to speak the language of their guests... but who speaks several languages perfectly? Actually, few people do. The interpreting profession was born of human beings’ need to communicate..

The interpreting profession is actually quite varied and everyone we commission is accustomed to this professional versatility. Plus, most of them specialize in luxury and beauty.

Indeed, it requires more than just a translation degree. Translators work with the written word and have the time to proofread and conduct research (at least those with whom we have the pleasure of working) while interpreters work with the spoken word, in the moment. This corresponds to a linguistic exercise that is so grueling that few professionals can work for more than 30-45 minutes at a time.

In addition, the type of interpreting depends on the meeting parameters. Large-scale meetings require simultaneous interpreting whereby the interpreters (generally two per language) wear headsets and are often in booths, taking turns every 30 minutes directly translating what the speakers (who are also equipped with headsets) say. If the meeting only involves two to four people and is not very long, whispered simultaneous interpretation may be an option. In this case, an interpreter with no equipment whispers the oral translation to two to three people. For events with short speeches, consecutive interpretation is most appropriate – in most cases with technical support – whereby the speaker takes regular breaks during their speech to allow time for the interpreter to translate what they said. Finally, there is liaison interpreting, which is ideal for trade negotiations with few participants. In this instance, the interpreter is on hand to translate sentence by sentence what the speakers say in two different languages.

*Source: The Guardian, “Who still wants to learn languages?”

This service is aimed at all professionals in any department, regardless of the sector, from the moment an encounter is organized between people who do not speak the same language.

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as part of a future meeting between people who speak different languages? Don’t forget to provide us with the necessary information to properly prepare the interpreting mission, thus ensuring the success of your event:

  • Planned date(s), location(s) and times, if necessary
  • Location(s) of the event (address, but also the type of room, if equipment is required)
  • Language(s) of the speakers and participants
  • Number of participants and how many of them will be speaking
  • Type of meeting (conference, seminar, sales or work meeting, site visit, etc.)
  • Event topic(s)

Beauty Words will primarily use its pool of professional interpreters specializing in the luxury and beauty industry. We also have a more complete list of providers that allow us to fulfill nearly any request.

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When you request your quote, please give us as much information as possible, as your specific need will dictate the type and number of interpreters needed, as well as any necessary equipment. We also need to make sure that the required professionals are available for this mission. We will only send you a quote after consulting with the interpreters we would like to use, as some of them are members of an association which requires the payment of penalty fees for cancellations and they have fairly strict work schedules, whereas others are more flexible. In any event, they are all professional interpreters who are able to verbally translate what is said in one language and not understood by everyone in a meeting where everyone needs to understand everyone else. Explain your need to us.

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