Layout, vectorization, DTP (Mac / PC)

Beauty Words provides you with its expertise in layout and DTP so your texts are properly inserted into your templates, regardless of the languages involved.

Your multilingual texts must be inserted into your communication medium.


Your template is ready in InDesign, Quark, or some other software program, but either your graphic designer doesn’t have the time or they aren’t able to lay out non-Latin languages because they lack the right fonts, expertise or even knowledge in the languages involved. This is especially true for Arabic, which requires a mirror template. Careful, this should not be taken lightly. A poorly laid out and vectorized Chinese text with imperfections may be detrimental to your image if the meaning given to the sentence is not only different from the desired meaning, but may even be an insult... Or not mean anything at all, which is just as harmful. Technically, your graphic designer may need either vectorized texts that they can insert into their template, or they may need the texts inserted directly into the template for them.

Since 2005, Beauty Words has been working with the same pool of graphic designers who, in addition to their individual professional expertise, are each multilingual.

Depending on your needs and those of your team of graphic designers, our graphic designers can vectorize the text of your choice in the required format or integrate it into your template (don’t forget to give us all the necessary native and linked files).

The members of this team also speak Arabic, Chinese, English and French, which ensures the DTP work is done intelligently, literally as well as figuratively speaking. Each laid out document is also carefully reviewed and verified by our translators and proofreaders in the languages involved in the interest of double checking both the form and the substance. This ensures your documents are accurately laid out regardless of the language; now they can be printed and distributed without a moment’s hesitation.

Obviously, it is possible for your teams to verify the laid out texts and we will make any requested changes that are not author’s modifications at no extra cost. This is also why we recommend that you entrust us with managing the validation process by your markets before any DTP work.

And if your graphic designer is able to lay out most of the texts and only needs our assistance with vectorizing certain languages that they then insert into their complete template, don’t hesitate to have us proofread the final PDF before it is released. As the saying goes: we can’t all be good at everything and our job is to be your eagle eye for the prepress proofing of PDFs, as explained in that section.

This service is aimed at all professionals in any department, regardless of the sector, from the moment they participate in international markets, whether they are from France or elsewhere, because not only must a text be error-free, its layout must also be error-free for it to be an effective communication medium.

The texts are ready,

the communication medium must be finalized and your graphic designer can’t do it all.

No matter which languages are involved, Beauty Words can take care of the necessary DTP steps – vectorization or integration into the existing layout using InDesign or another software program.

After our teams have proofread them and ensured their quality, we will then send you your vectorized or integrated texts with either a low-resolution PDF for viewing or a high-definition PDF for publishing, depending on the DTP work required.

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When you request DTP work, please be very specific about what it is you need. Don’t forget to send us the information and files provided by your graphic designer. And because this phase fits into your production schedule, don’t forget to send us that schedule so we can help you comply with it, as our job doesn’t only consist of desktop publishing, but extends to the quality control by our teams of linguists before finalization and submission.

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