Management of feedback from subsidiaries

Having texts validated by your markets takes time and energy and must be coordinated by linguists. Outsource this process, entrusting it to Beauty Words.

The content of your communication must be consistent with the expectations of your markets.

You have entrusted us with the adaptation, translation, proofreading / revision, rewriting or copywriting of your text – concept, claim, body copy, product name, designation, instructions, packaging, press release, etc. – and the texts in the different languages are ready. Now your subsidiaries or distributors in your markets need to proofread them, thereby validating them, especially with regard to their latest marketing or local legal guidelines.

Beauty Words has sound experience with managing this validation process directly with your local contacts throughout the world.

We will always keep you in the loop (unless you state otherwise) as we send our adaptations to these contacts, receive their revised versions, verify the consistency of their modifications as necessary, and finalize each validated version, which we will then send to you for your next step.

Once again, our team can be of assistance to you if your graphic designer cannot insert a certain language into your template. Please see our Layout & DTP pages for more details.

And if your graphic designer is able to complete the layout without any difficulties, you should have the PDF proofread before it is released. As the saying goes: we can’t all be good at everything and our job is to be your eagle eye for the prepress proofing of PDFs, as explained in that section.

This service is aimed at all professionals in any department, regardless of the sector, from the moment they participate in international markets, whether they are from France or elsewhere. Because whether it’s a product launch, a new campaign or a slogan, it must be adapted to the target audience in each target market.

The texts are ready,

YOU need to have them validated so they correspond to the current guidelines of your markets.

Beauty Words will take care of the entire validation chain with your contacts for you.
We will then send you each text after it has been reviewed and validated by your markets, duly put into final form, any typos corrected and finalized by our translators and proofreaders in each language. This saves you and your teams time and provides you with organizational relief.

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When you request an adaptation or translation, simply tell us you would like us to manage your subsidiaries’ feedback. Then don’t forget to quickly send us the e-mail address of these contacts if it is the first time we are providing you with this service. Also, if there is a precise deadline for sending them to the subsidiaries (because your contacts undoubtedly have a busy schedule), please mention it. In any event, we will include the management of your subsidiaries’ feedback on a separate line in our price quote.

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