Prepress proofing of PDFs

Once your texts have been inserted into your template, they must be proofread before they are used and published. No matter what the language, Beauty Words will be your eagle eye to proofread your PDFs before they go to press.

Your texts were written and then translated, if necessary, before being inserted into your template – with or without our help. Now they need to be proofread before being printed / published.

Indeed, it is important that all your team’s efforts for a particular campaign not be ruined by an improperly laid out press release or, even worse, one that contains typos or omissions. Whether or not you have already entrusted us with your texts for adaptation, translation, proofreading / editing, rewriting or copywriting, or even their vectorized layout that is then inserted into the complete template by your graphic designer, or if the texts are already ready to be laid out, your graphic designer and your printer should receive your prepress proof before it is used or published. Your internal teams or your subsidiary contacts don’t always have the time or sufficient knowledge of one of the languages required to properly complete this necessary final control.

Beauty Words will take care of this last step before production and publishing for you – whether it’s internal or marketing communication, and in every language of the world.

As the saying goes, we can’t all be good at everything. Our job is to take advantage of our linguistic expertise and our proven skills in final control proofreading to be your eagle eye. By dint of working on the same texts, the eye becomes accustomed to the words, sentences or segments and sometimes your priorities do not afford you the required attention, or at least not the necessary time for this prepress proofing of the PDF. It goes without saying that we can complete this verification on a monolingual version, hunting down any missing or extra non-breaking spaces, punctuation errors and typos that have gone undetected. We can also do a comparative proofreading of a translated text and its source, checking the substance as well as the form so the layout is identical in each language and the message is truly the same. That is, unless your market has preferred a significantly different version, in which case our proofreading will be more focused on correcting any possible typos or layout errors such as orphans, which are common when laying out Asian languages. We can either work solely with you, or directly with your graphic designer. Just let us know what you prefer. We are at your service.

This service is aimed at all professionals in any department, regardless of the sector, from the moment they have communication tools that have been laid out and for which they want to have the substance and form verified before using them.

The texts are all ready, laid out in your template;

now all that is needed is the prepress proofing of the PDF, but either you don’t have the time internally, or you don’t have sufficient knowledge of the language of the laid out version.

Beauty Words will take care of this final validation step for you. Either directly with you or with your graphic designer. You can trust us: we love work well done, right to the end. So do our translators and proofreaders. It will make our team’s day to know that we saved you time to focus on your core business.

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