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Take advantage of our linguistic experience and creativity for your names and designations.

The name and designation of a product contributes to its identification, recognition and differentiation.

Whenever possible, they should be unique (so they cannot be accused of unfair competition and can be differentiated), lasting (taking into account the evolution of your product or its internationalization), memorizable (this is what your current and prospective clients will have to remember), and correspond to your positioning (it is the identity of the product or brand).* Whether it is for a brand or a product, the name is a commercial designation, a marketing tool that you will print, publish, and make available worldwide, either immediately or in the long term. It must convey meaning and be a mark of distinction as well as a promise for its target consumer. You have a name, a designation. You want to verify its linguistic accuracy and / or have it translated into all the languages of your target markets.

Cheaper than a naming company, BEAUTY WORDS will help you choose the right words, no matter what the language.

Our agency has always been involved in creating the names and designations of luxury and beauty products, up to their translation into every language. Our copywriters, our translators, our proofreaders and our project managers have extensive experience in this field. They all utilize their professional experience in both linguistics and client relations as well as their personal skills as informed consumers.

This service is primarily aimed at marketing and communications professionals specializing in skincare, makeup and fragrances, but also hotels, wines & spirits and food, for instance.


Do you need to create or at least verify a name and / or designation, or have it translated into the languages of your markets?

We have the experience and creativity you need.

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