Semantic studies

Take advantage of our global pool of correspondents to verify the relevance of the name you chose before you use it internationally.

Do you have a brand or product name project, or maybe even a corporate project name? Is it really a perfect fit for your target audience and markets?

This cannot be taken lightly, as it is closely linked to your brand image, both internally as well as externally, and can have unexpected fundamental business implications. Moreover, it is estimated that one in every two words in the Indo-European languages is ambiguous if taken out of context.*

Not only does a name have to be easy to pronounce, it must also be relevant to its target market. In addition, care must be taken that it is not derogatory or the source of ridicule in the targeted international markets. The automotive industry frequently forgets this. Case in point: no one in France would knowingly want to be seen behind the wheel of an Audi E-Tron or a Toyota MR2 or even a Lexus IS F. A French woman will think twice before driving a car that says MiTo on it, whether or not she thinks the Alpha Romeo is beautiful. But that is not the only sector! Electrolux once marketed its vacuum cleaners in the US with the tag line: “Nothing sucks like an Electrolux”. And what English-speaker would want to buy Deeppresso coffee or Crack Sticks fish sticks?

Beyond these connotations that exist in one language, there may also be other linguistic issues. For example, names created in English by non-English-speaking teams who thought they had a handle on business or trivial English do not realize that the word they chose will not mean exactly what they want it to mean and will not be at all appropriate in the context of the product itself. For example, “voluptuous eye cream” may sound English at first, but it did not come from an English speaker who would prefer to use the word “luscious” or “sumptuous” when describing a cosmetic cream.

There is a simpler and less expensive solution than marketing and branding agencies to verify the relevance of a name: BEAUTY WORDS can conduct a multilingual semantic study for you depending on your needs.

Hand in hand with you, we will study your target audience and markets to define the languages involved as well as your issues, questions and hesitations between two or more names to define the scope of the study. We will then survey our contacts within our global network – translators, copywriters, consumers and correspondents from around the world. Once we obtain their responses, we will analyze them and draft a summary report to understand the semantic content of a particular name. This is another way of saying that we will determine the set of semantic values contained in a word or phrase. Simply put, the idea is to identify the meaning of words in a given language, the relationship between the word and what it means, literal and hidden meanings, its connotations, whether they are positive or negative, obvious or unapparent, objective or subjective, contextualized or not.

* M. Lothaire, Applied Combinatorics On Words, Vol. 105, Cambridge, CUP 2005

This service is aimed at all professionals in any department, regardless of the sector, because every product launch, every new corporate marketing campaign, and any associated name must be adapted to the target audience in each target market.

You have one or more names

and you want to verify their relevance to find out if one of them is right for your target audience and market. Think of the famous aforementioned examples, which are far from a complete list.

After defining the scope of the study with you, Beauty Words will survey its contacts from around the world and analyze their responses by language. We will then send you a semantic study along with our recommendation, if appropriate.

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