Drafting of Content & Concepts

Drafting and transcreation of slogans, claims, body copy and other marketing messages

Benefit from our multicultural competencies for your marketing content throughout the world.

Veni, Vidi, Vici. Proclaimed by Julius Caesar, it is undoubtedly the best slogan of all time, becoming a veritable rallying cry that hasn’t aged a day in 2000 years!

Replicated, duplicated, and imitated for millennia, why is this laconic slogan so effective?

Because it contains the 3 crucial elements needed for any good slogan to make its mark on hearts and minds:

  • It tells a story
  • It is credible
  • And it is memorable in sound, rhythm, the use of the alliterative “V”

A good slogan should also be:

  • Original to differentiate itself from the competition
  • Adapte to the target audience, so as not to miss the mark
  • Coherent with your corporate culture and communication strategy

Is your communication campaign in the process of being developed, and you want to ensure it’s an international success?

Your slogan, your various marketing claims, body copy, or any other message should be translated and, above all, adapted to your target markets’ languages and cultures. That what we call “transcreation“, i.e. the process of adapting a message to the targeted audience’s culture, rather than just translating.

With our team of marketing translators and copywriters, Beauty Words will accompany you in the creation and translation of you adapted messages: slogans or claims, signature, baseline, as well as your fundamental text (leaflets, website, press kits, etc.). Don’t hesitate to ask for our expert consultation.

Drafting of substantive content

Confirming, or even defining, your brand’s positioning requires notably the definition of your editorial strategy and the creation of content in line with the key points you’ve determined.

Our team of experienced copywriters and drafters, specialized in the luxury and cosmetics industries, will produce your brand content in any and all languages.

  • Creation of product names,
  • Drafting of primary and secondary texts (notices and packaging)

In order to ensure that the messaging is perfectly in line with current regulations, they work hand-in-hand with our compliance service to verify the content conforms to French and European legislation.

Deontology and absolute discretion

Due to our strict client confidentiality, we are unable to divulge here which campaigns were successfully managed and realised by the teams at Beauty Words.

And yet, you’d recognise a number of slogans and marketing messages that we’ve had the pleasure of providing assistance with, with professionalism and absolute discretion.

With their rich creative experience and a sense for engaging content, our copywriter and translators are constantly seeking to find the right words that are powerful and yet adapted to the message you want conveyed, whether in the substance, or the form.

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