DTP, Page Formatting & Ready for Press

Your initial media is already formatted

It’s not always easy to manage the equilibrium of your source document when integrating a translation if you don’t understand the target language, and perhaps not even the alphabet! How and where do you make the cuts? How do you find the key messages that have been translated in order to bring them to the forefront?

Beauty Words offers its expertise in Desktop Publishing to ensure your translated text is integrated properly into your templates, whatever the language or alphabet.

Desktop publishing and formatting of translated text, a delicate endeavour…

Your template has been prepared in InDesign, Quark, or another application. But your graphic designer either doesn’t have the time or requisite resources to format your non Latin-based languages, because of a lack of fonts, of know-how, or even knowledge in the particular language – particularly Arabic, which requires a mirrored template.

Be ye forewarned, this step is just as important as the translation itself!
Indeed, a Chinese translation that has an improper layout or is erroneously vectorised, can and will have negative consequences for your brand image. Imagine that the sentence doesn’t mean anything at all, or that the meaning is not only different from what you wanted but instead, perhaps, is an insult…

Beauty Words, synergising with graphic designers and linguists, are at your side for you needs in:

  • DTP for print and digital media
  • Insertion, page formatting & vectorisation
  • Ready for press proofreading (all media)

Ensure the quality of the page formatting and desktop publishing of your translated document, whatever the final media.

Specialised multilingual graphic designers

Since 2005, Beauty Words has been working with the same pool of multilingual graphic designers (specifically Arabic-, Chinese-, English-, and French-speaking).

Our team guarantees intelligently-designed DTP.

Each formatted document is conscientiously proofread and verified by out translators and proofreaders in your target languages in order to a secondary control of the content and style. You thus have the assurance that your documents are formatted with exactitude, whatever their language, and are ready for print and to be diffused with a quality-guarantee.

Bespoke DTP services

Depending on your needs, and that of your team and graphic designers, our collaborators can:

  • vectorise the text of your choice in the required format in order for your graphic designer insert them in an existing template
  • integrate the text directly in your template (remember to provide us with the native files and any require links).

It’s important that the text to be assembled or vectorised are first validated by your markets and/or subsidiaries in order to ensure the work is carried out on the proper final versions. This will help save time and limit any last-minute stress. That’s why we recommend you confide us with the monitoring of your internal proofreads, especially when there are multiple languages, and thus multiple different parties, before carrying out any DTP work.

Quality, or nothing!

Quality control is an absolute necessity after assembling your text:

Your graphic designer was able to integrate the majority of the text, and only requires our help for the vectorisation of certain languages and its insertion in your complete template? Perfect!

However, you shouldn’t hesitate to request for the quality control of your PDF files, whatever the language concerned.

It’s better to have it done before print tests, and certainly before any print or digital distribution, because everyone has their own specialties, and ours is to be your guarantor of quality with ready-for-press proofreading of your documents.

Our project managers and translators/proofreaders have years of experience behind them. Take advantage of our expertise.

Of course, its better to revise the content of the text (source version and potential translations) before formatting the documents; this will save time and additional costs, especially given your budgets and deadlines are probably predetermined.

If necessary, our network of printing companies are at your disposal for any downstream steps from our services, and we can also assist you upstream (creation of graphics, for example). We are at your disposal to guide you to these professional, partners of Beauty Words, or even be your representative for your project.