Interpreting for All Languages

Selling, purchasing, and negotiating throughout the world requires perfect understanding and retransmission of exchanges

Beauty Words’ interpreters, specialised in luxury and beauty, are here to render, with exactitude, your words and translate your contact’s response in turn.

Depending on the context and the specific characteristics of the meeting, we propose the type of interpreting that is most adapted to your needs: consecutive, simultaneous, whisper, or liaison interpreting, with or without material.

Simultaneous Interpreting

For large-scale meetings, opt for simultaneous interpreting.

The interpreters (generally two per language), with headsets and microphones, often in an interpreter’s booth, relay each other every 30 minutes to translate, in real time, the words of the speakers, who are themselves equipped with the same material.

Whisper Interpreting

If your meeting only concerns two to four participants, simultaneous interpretation can be achieved through whisper interpreting. Thus, an interpreter, without any special equipment, will whisper the oral translation in the ears of a maximum of two to three people.

Consecutive Interpreting

For events with short speeches, consecutive interpreting is the most appropriate.

The speaker will regularly pause their speech in order to enable the interpreted to reproduce their words in another language.

In order to ensure a coherent translation, the interpreter will generally take notes throughout the orator’s speech.

Liaison Interpreting

An ideal form notably for commercial negotiations with few participants, the interpreter will translate sentence after sentence the words spoken in two different languages. With advanced knowledge of the subject matter, they serve as a point of liaison between both parties, facilitating their communication in real time.

Hire of booths and equipment

Do you require interpretation equipment for an event? All throughout the world, we can offer for hire interpretation equipment adapted to your needs, thanks to our select providers:

  • Interpreter’s booths
  • Interpreter’s lecterns
  • Sound systems
  • Microphones (wireless, hands free, and conference)
  • Digital receivers
  • Headsets
  • Guided tour equipment