International Project Management

You have foreign subsidiaries and managing the translations is time consuming and complex?

The coordination of your in-house and external teams charged with your translation projects requires structured procedures.

Your communication content must be in accordance with your target market expectations.

So, you’ve confided us with the adaptation, translation, proofreading/revision, rewriting or drafting of your text – conception, claim, body copy, product name, sub-denominations, notices, packaging, press kits, etc. – and the text in the various languages are ready.

Now, it’s time for your subsidiaries or the distributers in your target market to proofread the text, particularly with an eye for the latest local marketing trends or legal directives.

In order to allow you to invest your time fully in your core business, your source of excellence, Beauty Words will manage your translation projects for all your entities.

An outsourced process, a guarantee of quality and simplicity

The validation of your texts by market takes time and energy, and requires coordination between linguists.

Outsource this process and entrust it to Beauty Words:

  • Coordination of validations between subsidiaries and your headquarters
  • Back translation & monitoring of internal finalisations
  • Project management interface for your various internal & external collaborators

With solid experience in managing the validation process and translations, Beauty Words will represent your interests and exchange directly with your local contacts all across the world.

We will always keep you up to date throughout each step of the process (unless otherwise requested) to enable you to monitor your projects:

  • We will hand the delivery of our adaptations to your contacts.
  • We’ll receive their proofread versions
  • Together, we’ll verify if any potential modifications are appropriate
  • We’ll finalise each validated version that we will then deliver ready for the next stage

Need complementary linguistic services?

Here too, our team can help if your graphic designer cannot manage the integration of one language or another into your template.

And if your graphic designer successfully integrated the translation, think about having the final text verified before publishing. The Beauty Words teams and its linguists are experienced in this practice.