Editorial Translation/Adaptation

Editorial Adaptation

Whatever your communication channel, its internationalisation requires translation adapted to the target audience.

Specifically, if your messages enjoy a creative touch, there’s a good chance that a “simple” translation will not be able to conserve this aspect internationally. The heart of the message will remain, but it’s emotional impact, for example, may be reduced, or even completely neglected for certain targeted countries.

With a true adaptation, you’re guaranteed a quality editorial translation of the highest level, in line with your own quality standards.

Maximise the impact of your multilingual communications

  • Translate editorial media, adapting them to the societal and cultural realities of your target market.
  • Localise your website’s content and adapt it to each targeted region
  • Transmit your message in a fluid and idiomatic style, whatever the language or country, all while remaining consistent with your concept and brand DNA

These intervention will allow your editorial content to be adapted to your targets, whoever they are and wherever they are in the world. You will thus maximise the impact of your communication, by showing you knowledge of their markets.

Specialised translators for exacting communications

Our translators/copywriters have been duly selected base of various criteria:

  • Experienced professional translators
  • Experience and knowledge in one or multiple of your domain sectors (watchmaking, jewellery, fashion, haute couture, leather crafts, perfume, make-up and self-care, gastronomy, wines and spirits, tourism, art, etc.)

Our team will call upon the translators who correspond best to your needs:

  • Native speakers of your target language
  • Mastery of the required linguistic combination
  • Tone and writing style in line with your DNA
  • Solid experience in your specialised craft
  • Ad hoc technical knowledge (file fomats, processes, software, etc.)

Our clients are
100 % satisfied! *

* 2018 customer satisfaction study

In order to ensure the highest quality in our adaptations and translations, and all of our linguistic services, all our work realised is the fruit of our pooled resources and knowledge, internal and external, all throughout the project. Rigorous proofreading and revision prior to delivery is always ensured in order to offer you text and files that meet your exacting standards.

What kinds of documents may require editorial translation and adaptation?

A veritable partner of brands and PR agencies alike, we intervene on all documents and media used in your communication, for internal or external use, at home or abroad, such as:

  • Websites
  • E-learning, training modules and templates
  • Advertisements and advertorials (print, web, TV)
  • Press kits and releases (print, web, TV)
  • Blog or magazine articles
  • Consumer brochures and leaflets
  • Magazines, books
  • Ads, briefings, newsletters (print, web)
  • Internal and external concepts
  • Marketing hooks, claims, slogans, body copy, baselines
  • Interviews and video transcriptions (or to be transcribed), FAQ, Q&A
  • Product descriptions
  • Notices, packaging text, user guides, guidelines
  • Etc.

Integration of translations or adaptations, page formatting, our multilingual graphic designers ensure your professional presentations match your corporate standards on any medium.

Are you looking for a more technical professional translation realised by a specialist in your domain? Our dedicated translators are at your service.