Sworn Translation

Official documents

For your contracts, patents, and other official documents, sworn translation is a necessity to maintain their legal value abroad.
Beauty Words accompanies you with our expert, sworn translators, accredited by the Court of Appeals.

What kinds of documents require sworn translation?

A very specific type of translation, essential for numerous documents:

  • Sales and commerce: sales contracts, general terms and conditions of sale, transfer agreements, Kbis, partnership contracts, etc.
  • Research and Development: patents, registration of formulas, etc.
  • Human Resources: employment contracts, termination proceedings, confidentiality agreements, documents linked to mobility of expat team members (civil-status documents, driving permits), etc.

Sworn translations can ONLY be realised by an expert translator, that is to say, a sworn translator accredited by a Court of Appeals, and emblazoned by their stamp, guaranteeing that the translation is consistent with the original document and thus maintaining its official status.

Beauty Words, thanks to its multidisciplinary team, helps and guides you in all of your multilingual translation needs.

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