Audiovisual & Multimedia for All Languages

Transcriptions of interviews and other audio and video content, or subtitling and voice overs for films, Beauty Words’s multilingual transcription team has accompanied you since 2005, in whatever languages you desire:

  • Subtitling
  • Voice over
  • Videography
  • Editing
  • Audio and video post-processing
  • Vocal supports for IVR servers

You have an interview to transcribe or a film to subtitle. Whatever the source and target languages, audiovisual and multimedia transcription and translation require qualified professionals and adapted tools (monitoring of reading time per language, visualisation and generation of required multimedia formats, etc.).

Indeed, the transcription must adhere to the original, especially if it is destined to be adapted for subtitling, or translated for your audience, all the while respecting the read time.

Who has never giver over to a fit of laugher while watching a poorly subtitled film, due to a poor adaptation, itself, at times, due to an erroneous transcription? It’s important to ensure your commercial doesn’t fall into ridicule, or that the interview of some celebrity is so poorly transcribed that their words become incomprehensible or are purely inaccurate!

Adapted resources

An expert in audiovisual localisation, Beauty Words is your partner of choice to manage all your multimedia projects, whatever their source and target languages, file formats, codecs, etc.

Simple transcription (verbatim or reworked, with or without timecodes), transcription specific for subtitling & voice over (with time codes, and in formats adapted to your needs – Excel, SRT, etc.), embedding of subtitles and/or voice over in your files (of your translation or ours), our agency is here to provide consultation and assistance in the transcription of your commercial films and interviews.

Beauty Words has the necessary resources for the subtitling and transcription of your audio and video files, for your internal and external needs.

Whatever languages you’re targeting, our translators and proofreaders have solid experience in your business sector.

To incarnate and convey your messages, we have a vast network of voice actors in every language.

Transcription, a demanding field

Word-for-word transcription is a long process requiring meticulous attention on the part of the transcriber, as well as the proofreader during quality control.

Indeed, in order to accomplish their tasks, they must over juggle between two separate application (one to read the audio file, and another to handle the text), whatever software or tools they choose.

A good transcription must, in every case, be managed intelligently, verifying the quality of the transcription in content and style.

We will choose your transcriptionist for their speed and rigour, but also – as always – depending on their area of expertise. Because transcribing an interview of a stylist or make up artist when the transcriptionist is specialised in tourism rarely results in a complete and exact transcription! But at Beauty Words, we endeavour to always deliver quality work, in line with your image, down to the smallest word.

Proved methodology for audiovisual localisation

Beauty Words undertakes the localisation of your audiovisual content with quality controls every step of the way. From your source file, each piece of media is transcribed, time coded, prepared for translation, then controlled and adapted before subtitling/videography/voice recording, post-production, encoding and compression.

Transcription, translation and adaptation according to the constraints and particularities of each target language (durations, read/oration time, text length)… We guarantee high-quality productions for all your targeted languages.

What we don’t do…

We don’t transcribe and summarise meeting minutes because we believe in sticking to what you know, and that should be left to agencies that are specialised in the art.

If needed, we will work with one such agency for summaries, in French, of transcribed meeting minutes, in which Beauty Words will act in a role of quality control and proofreading.